Tata Salt Lite has introduced an awareness initiative in a first of its kind partnership with India’s famous comedians – Zakir Khan and Atul Khatri. The initiative espouses humour to build education around hypertension, a rising health concern and disseminate an influential message of ‘Take it Lite’.

The campaign presents three humourous acts on everyday moments that stimulate stress reactions on non-issue situations. It can be as simple as the doorbell ringing again and again or even the wi-fi not working. While the videos are meant to give audiences a laugh, each concludes with the powerful message of why consumers should ‘Take it Lite’. It is an endeavour to appeal India to not ignore frequent events of easily triggered anger as it can be one of the precursors of hypertension and take active measures to manage it.

Richa Arora, president, packaged foods at Tata Consumer Products India stated- “We have seen levels of stress rising among India’s urban adult population which is known to cause Hypertension. While some people make a start controlling the intake of sodium along with an active lifestyle, the task for us is to increase the levels of awareness about the early symptoms of Hypertension. Hence, our campaign is focussed at educating consumers about it and requesting them to ‘Take it Lite’. Our Tata Salt Lite, a 15% low sodium salt has been designed to provide a convenient option to those prescribed to keep blood pressure in check by cutting down the intake of sodium.”

Dr Narsingh Verma, Secretary-General, Indian Society of Hypertension (ISH) informed- “There has been a steep rise in covert stress and underlying anxiety this year which has resulted in more people experiencing high blood pressure or even Hypertension. As a matter of fact, Hypertension is more common than considered, with nearly 30-40% of India’s adult population afflicted with it. At a primary level, however, this can be easily managed by keeping an eye on one’s diet which includes consuming a low sodium salt.”

Mohit Malik commented- “Take it Lite is a significant message for people to hear and know more about – now more than ever. We too learnt about the impacts of anger on one’s well-being having seen a family member experience Hypertension and ever since, have been taking active steps to manage Hypertension in our families. Both Aditi and I try and follow a healthy lifestyle and keep a watch on our sodium intake by consuming Tata Salt Lite which is 15% low sodium salt.”

Zakir Khan mentioned- “As a country and really as a generation, we have come to normalize being stressed and anxious, attributing these to inescapable external factors. It’s time to actively take care of ourselves to ensure overall well-being. I didn’t have an idea that getting angry frequently could lead to hypertension. To that, I truly believe that humour is a subtle way to spread the message across to people. With this initiative, Tata Salt Lite – part of Tata’s trusted legacy targets to motivate India to ease up and Take it Lite.”

Atul Khatri told- “I have been a sufferer of hypertension at one point of time in my life. My family has witnessed me experience it and going through it and hence, we are now more aware of how simple lifestyle interventions can help in managing it. It can silently affect your health and do more damage than what most of us are aware of. Keeping a track of what you eat along with fitness is of extreme importance. My entire family and I have switched to Tata Salt Lite which is a 15% low sodium salt. This really assists us control our sodium intake on a daily basis.”


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