Tameemi Foods, a new food brand from NSR Group has been recently launched for the organized breakfast market in South India.

As reported in a leading daily – NSR Group of companies having its headquarters at Inkel Business Park, Angamaly, has recently launched its new food brand Tameemi Foods specializing in South Indian Breakfast products.

The Kerala-based corporate group, which has made a name for itself in edible oil products, is now in the ready-to-cook category through Tameemi Foods. With product offerings that include puttu powder, rice flour, easy idli, appam, rawa, the battle for the first meal of the day is getting hotter. As South Indian families consume on the move, the time taken to cook up a full-fledged breakfast is a bit of a challenge and it paves the strategy for easy cook recipes by Tameemi.

The easy cook recipe segment is one where many a player has come and gone. The reasons for failure vary in each case but achieving success comes with no more than a few ingredients.

Commenting on the launch of new brand, K H Noushad, Chairman and Managing Director of Tameemi Foods said, “What have succeeded so far are those products and solutions where the consumption was already large or essentially repeatability being high and where a unique level of processing element was brought in by easy-to-cook. Besides, consumers always love to stick to traditional taste and unique making process helped the cause.”

He further added, “Targeting the traditional South Indian breakfast of puttu, appam, upma, idli is the right approach, since consumption for each is already very high.”

Speaking on the development, Sameer K N, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Tameemi Foods said, “Convenient and tasty breakfast products is not a fad or a COVID-specific need but a long-term consumer energy that is here to stay. As consumers’ affluence level grows, they tend to reach out to brands they trust, and hence brands gain via conversion from the unpackaged market. Even as we are late entrants, this is a massive opportunity! While puttu, upma, idli are traditionally breakfast items, these tend to serve as light meals or snacks that can be consumed any time. From a trusted name, the range should get a good trial at this price.”

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Counting on the favorable outcome of Tameemi Foods, NSR Group also plans to extend its food brand into the adjacent categories of whole spices, masalas, snacks, and multi-millet cereals to retail across South Indian markets.


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