Taco Bell, a subordinate of Louisville, Ky. Located Yum! Brands, Inc., is all equipped to introduce its new restaurant concept: Taco Bell Go Mobile. This unique idea is an attempt to expand the boundaries of the quick-service restaurant customer experience.
As more and more customers are keen to shift towards a quicker and contactless ordering and pickup options, this new restaurant concept caters to their demands by allowing them to order ahead using the brand’s mobile app.

In the first quarter of financial year 2021, the very first functional Taco Bell Go Mobile restaurant can be expected.

In order to make the customer service more refined, Taco Bell’s new Go Mobile restaurants will present five main updates earmarked for digital adoption.
a) Reduction: Taco Bell Go Mobile locales have cut down to a smaller area (1,325 sq. feet) as compared to the traditional Taco Bell restaurants (2,500 sq. feet).
b) Dual drive-thru: The new idea will have two drive-thru lanes: a priority pick-up lane for the customers who order via the Taco Bell app, and another lane will be serving as the existing, traditional lane.
c) Contemporized digital experience: Taco Bell Go Mobile restaurants will get notified as soon as the guests have reached there and suggest the fastest route for a smooth and continuous pickup experience. Integrated smart kitchen technology and Taco Bell app will help to achieve this goal.
d) Curbside pickup: Go Mobile customers will have the option to collect their order via no-contact curbside pick-up.
e) Bellhops: There will be an inclusion of tablet ordering in drive-thrus and curbside pickup, both of which will be operated by a janitor service of a team of ‘bellhops’.

Mike Grams, President and global Chief operating officer at Taco Bell said- “With a all-time high demand for our drive-thru, adapting to meet our customer’s rapidly changing needs has never been this important.” He added- “This new Go Mobile concept isn’t only an evolved physical footprint, but a completely synchronized digital experience focused on streamlining guest access points. This is for the first time that our guests will have an option to choose the pickup experience that is best-suited to their needs, without leaving their comfort of cars.”

Several other prominent changes has taken place at Taco Bell to make the new concept more efficient and hassle-free.

In mid-July, decision was taken to omit 12 menu items across six categories from August 13 to ‘clear out space’ on the menu and subsequently increase the service speed as drive-thru becomes a major portion of business during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Taco Bell, in July, disclosed the nationwide launch of the new beta loyalty program of its mobile app thus promising customer a more intense level of customization in both what and how they are ordering.


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