Carbery’s Synergy Flavor division unveiled new flavours for the plant based proteins products.

This new inclusion of flavour is meant directly to the plant proteins such as pea, brown rice, hemp, pumpkin seed and sunflower seed.

The new flavours will also be reaching to the core sports products strawberry, vanilla and chocolate – as well as a range of trending flavours.

Synergy works in a fashion that is more inclusive and for that it is collaborating with the individual customers to curate good products and flavours.

The data put forth by Synergy suggests, more than 50% of the customers seek the plant based food more over other protein products and this trend is shown strictly in case of sports proteins.

Synergy is using this data to modify or silence some flavours accordingly the public reviews all along to serve with better optimized products.

“All types of proteins can have taste challenges, making flavour and application expertise critical for success in the nutrition category,” said Chris Whiting, category manager at Synergy Flavors.

“Synergy has drawn on many years’ experience in delivering exceptional taste performance in protein products to create this new range. Our unique flavour creation process ensures we deliver successful products for sports nutrition manufacturers which offer more choice to consumers in this increasingly dynamic market.”

Sarah O’Neill, marketing manager at Carbery, Synergy’s parent company, added: “In August 2020, we conducted a survey in the UK and the US with consumers who had purchased plant-based nutritional products in the past six months.

“We found that flavour preference varied across applications and regions, with UK consumers generally favouring berry profiles across product formats and US consumers preferring dessert and sweet brown flavour profiles.

“These insights helped us to develop regionally specific flavours that pair well with plant protein bases and satisfy global consumer demands.”



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