Switzerland’s officials are investigating if cheese from one company is associated with the demise of 10 people due to listeriosis since 2018.
The Public Prosecutor’s Office from Schwyz has started criminal proceedings in related with Listeria in dairy products and is probing the evidences against the owner of the cheese company.
As per the revelations of the criminal complaint, about 34 people were infected with the same strain of Listeria that was discovered in the brie from the dairy. 10 of the infected persons died.
The proceeding inquiries by Schwyz police is trying to look if the business owner is responsible for the sickness and has breached food law.
Käserei Vogel AG, a municipality of Schwyz, based in Steinerberg, detected Listeria in semi-hard cheese and at its production site in May 2020. The company issued an order, told officials and advised its consumers to stop using the products. The cheese manufacturer has already ceased the business. More than 25 items sold across Switzerland including Belgium and Germany were recollected.
In May 2020, authorities from the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) informed that at least 11 people had been infected by Listeria with two deaths and examination was awaited for other 10 infections to check if they belonged to the same outbreak cluster.
5 men and 6 women, aged between 66 to 86 years were among the 11 infected persons. Infections prevailed in 7 provinces of the country. Cheese was prepared from pasteurized milk.
4 patients were diagnosed with invasive listeriosis between late March and early May, the Center Hospitalier du Valais Romand (CHVR) informed. Infected patients ate cheese during their treatment but the brand was unclear. 3 of them got well but 1 with underlying health conditions expired.
It takes about 70 days after exposure to Listeria for symptoms of listeriosis such as vomiting, nausea, persistent fever, muscle aches, severe headache and neck stiffness to develop and appear.
Pregnant women, old persons, young children, and people such as cancer patients whose immune systems are weak, are more vulnerable to serious illnesses, deadly infections and other complications.


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