By 2040, the amount of plastic waste flowing into the ocean could triple as part of the estimated 1.3 billion tonne predicted to obstruct our already exhausted ecosystem, destructing marine life and contaminating the land. A recently done investigation in the UK revealed that microscopic, potentially hazardous plastic particles have become “part of the air we breathe.” But agencies and governments can radically alleviate plastic production in time, a latest study acclaims.

W-Cycle, an Israeli foodtech initiative has creted SupraPulp, plastic-free packaging manufactured from sugarcane waste that is totally compostable, non-hazardous, yet long-lasting enough to be used for greasy, wet, or hot food. Food packed in this new packaging can be frozen and heated with an oven, steam cooker, convection oven, or microwave.

It is patented, field-tested, and an absolute substitution for aluminium, plastic, or foam containers. It is created from bagasse, a 100% renewable, dry, pulpy fibrous matter of sugarcane that is retained after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are squashed to extricate their juice.

The creation is compostable, non-coated, non-toxic and metal-free. The containers have distinctive features over standard bagasse containers that make them the perfect replacement to plastic trays for food items, especially frozen, fresh, or prepared consumer packed meals.

The standard pulp products cannot hold liquids and oils, but the new containers are oil- as well as water-resistant and prevent any absorption or leakage. CPET plastic trays are especially used in for packing ready-to-eat meals. This new product, just like CPET, is very-well suited for ready meals since it can be used from freezer-to-oven/microwave as per convenience.

Fresh meat, poultry & seafood are also generally packed in plastic (PE, PET, Styrofoam) due to their juice runoff. It is an incredible substitution as it will not absorb, leak or soften them. Following years of R&D attempts, the new product can be frozen to -40°C (-40°F) and reheated to 270°C (518°F), attracting a broader range of food applications. The package can be discarded as organic waste post-using.

Lior Itai, CEO and co-founder of W-Cycle declared- “Dispose SupraPulp packages the same way as you would pack your salad. This food-grade, disposable packaging is a one-to-one substitute for its plastic equivalent. There are other biodegradable products in the market, but SupraPulp has game-changing capability that the consumers require when they want to heat, freeze, or microwave food products conveniently. Plus, SupraPulp trays have a more magnificent appearance and feel than the plastic, aluminium, or bioplastic containers.”

Other green solutions like bioplastic manufactured from the whole plant requires being specially grown, harvested, and processed. The new product is made from waste re-cycled from sugarcane, or other similar crops like wheat and bananas. It is the optimum green, sustainable, environment-friendly solution to plastic waste.

“COVID-19 is seeking consumers’ notice to how we serve our planet and the future of the environment,” informs Joseph Siani, CTO and co-founder of W-Cycle.

He further said- “There is an increased demand from and pressure on brands to provide eco-friendly products. Providing a disposable solution for ready meals, and meat products enables us to assist food manufacturers as well as consumers discarding plastic containers and contribute to a cleaner environment. We can put an end to plastic pollution altogether. At present, we are commercializing SupraPulp trays and joining hands with strategic distributors to fulfill the magnificent demand.”


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