Sunfeast’s Dark Fantasy made Indian consumers acquainted with an uncommon and superior centre-filled cookie experience a decade ago with the unveiling of its flagship product, Dark Fantasy Choco-Fills. It had disrupted the market by creating an immersive product segment namely, ‘New Experiences’ which is valued roughly about Rs 1,000 crore. After creating and leading the category, it is pushing the envelope of newer experiences in its 2nd decade, beginning with thrilling additions and a holistic refurbishing of the portfolio. 

The revamped portfolio will see a reimagined packaging design, new product formats, variants, sizes and communication. Leading the first-to-market new experience would be the introduction of Dark Fantasy Nut Fills, a product which unifies the adorable pair of nuts and chocolate. This quirky cookie is anticipated to please the consumers with the crunch and goodness of nuts in a centre-filled cookie. Every bite of the cookie is filled with the nutty delight of delectable cashews, almonds and hazelnuts, crisped to perfection and superior flavour quotient.  Big Choco Fills takes the route of abundance to take indulgence to a whole new notch, with a bigger centre-filled cookie for those bigger craving moments. The 3rd variant Coffee Fills brings a twist of Coffee to the original centre-filled cookie. 

Being acclaimed for a rich chocolatey experience, it has also entered into other chocolate biscuit segments, Rs 3400 crore premium cream segment with Bourbon and Sandwich Crème, and the Rs 700 crore chocolate chip cookie segment with Choco Chip cookie. By these, the superior aspirational experience of the brand is now available in numerous more formats and that too more affordably.

Ali Harris Shere, chief operating officer, biscuits and cakes cluster, foods division, ITC Limited stated- “Over the years, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has been loved for its sumptuous creations which strive to thrill the consumers with a superior chocolate experience. The recent launches stem from our continuous drive to develop and redefine categories. With these new and more exciting offerings we also desire to broaden the consumption occasions for the brand. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has been a much adored cookie brand in the nation and in this new decade we look forward to continued love and motivation from our consumers.”

The launch will be accompanied by a 360-degree communication campaign aimed to bring the brand’s most recent innovations, including a new TVC, print and digital campaigns, along with strong in-store exposure.

The complete new portfolio can be purchased from e-commerce platforms, modern trade outlets, and grocery outlets.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills and Coffee Fills will be available in famous SKUs of 75 gms at a price of Rs 30. 

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Nut Fills can be bought in convenient 75 gms packets priced at Rs 35 with an introductory offer of Rs 30.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Big Fills can be availed in convenient pack of 150 gms costing Rs 60. 


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