In its extraordinary supervisory board meeting, Südzucker AG’s supervisory board has added Ingrid-Helen Arnold (52) to the executive board of Südzucker AG with effect from 1st May, 2021 until 30th April, 2024. Sudzucker is a manufacturer and supplier of food, animal feed and ethanol.

In his new incumbent, Arnold will assume the responsibility for technological change as part of Südzucker’s digital transformation with the newly created Consumer Markets, Digitalization/IT department. Apart from digitalization and IT, she will also be looking after the Beneo, Freiberger and PortionPack Europe divisions on the executive board.

“The supervisory board is pleased to appoint Ingrid-Helen Arnold, another internationally experienced member, to Südzucker’s executive board. With this expansion of the executive board and the restructuring of the departments, the company is ideally positioned for the future development of Südzucker Group in preparation for the new strategy,” stated Dr Hans-Jörg Gebhard, chairman of Südzucker’s supervisory board.

Ingrid-Helen Arnold is an economist with a 25-year career at the software company SAP with extensive experience in global leadership positions in the areas of data business, business process innovation, IT transformation, corporate strategy and finance. She has been working and living with her family in Silicon Valley, USA for the last four years.

Südzucker AG, a German company is the largest sugar producer in the world, with a yearly production of approx. 4.8 million tonnes.

Südzucker offers the processing industry with the widest portfolio of standardized as well as customized sugar specialty solutions on purely natural basis in Europe. In addition to high-quality industry sugar products (EU2, EU1, crystalline and liquid sugars), the brand offerings also include a wide range of sugar specialties: e.g. regionally, in Germany grown and sourced organic beet sugar, a wide array of customizable fondant specialties or high-quality sucrose-based excipients for the pharma industry. All sugar products they produce in their factories are processed from European sugar beets.

As a global giant in the sugar solutions provider, proficient in bakery, chocolate and confectionery applications, they strive to be the partner in the individual challenges of their patrons and desire to create value for everyone. That is, they are not only a producer of premium-quality sweetening solutions, but also a service provider. Services they provide include: – customized solutions – technical and application support – relevant market insights – individual pricing models


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