Strauss Frito Lay has selected SaverOne 2014 Ltd., a technology company engaged in transportation safety solutions, to install SaverOne Systems across Strauss Frito-Lay’s entire fleet of food delivery trucks in Israel. This follows a successful trial period over a number of months, in which Strauss Frito-Lay tested all aspects of the system.

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Strauss Frito Lay is a joint venture between Strauss Group, among the largest food manufacturers in Israel, and Frito-Lay, U.S. subsidiary of multinational food and beverage company, PepsiCo. These companies are world-leading food manufacturers, with thousands of delivery trucks operating globally. This represents significant long-term potential for SaverOne to further enter and expand its sales into these organizations across many of the countries in which they operate.

Mr. Gilboa, CEO of SaverOne commented, “We are proud of this win, representing a breakthrough for SaverOne whereby a successful trial has now expanded into an initial larger deployment. Furthermore, we are proud to be working with these global food manufacturing leaders. We see this as a strategic step into major global companies, with potential to expand our footprint internationally. It is a strong testament to the early success we are seeing in executing our strategy and building relationships with multinational organizations.”

SaverOne systems can be installed in private vehicles, trucks and buses and provide a solution to the problem of driver distraction away from the road, that results from drivers using specific distracting applications on the mobile device while driving, in a way that endangers their safety and the safety of passengers. This phenomenon is considered one of the main causes of road accidents in the world. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the annual cost of road accidents just in the United States, stands at about $870 billion each year, excluding the costs of serious injury or death, with a quarter of those accidents estimated to be related to the use of the mobile device while driving.

SaverOne’s technology specifically recognizes the driver area in the vehicle and prevents the driver from accessing distracting applications such as messaging while allowing navigation, without user intervention or consent, creating a safer driving environment.


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