“In Tune with Immune” is one of the Top Ten Trends 2021, as per the Innova Market Insights. As reported by this market research institute, 6 out of 10 consumers globally are in search of foods and beverages that strengthen the immune system. SternVitamin has developed a number of concepts particularly for immune health. With the aid of these micronutrient premixes, manufacturers can tackle the growing demand.

Vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B6, B12 and folic acid play a pivotal role in this, as do the minerals zinc, iron, copper and selenium. These micronutrients perform various functions that assist the immune system, including antioxidative and antimicrobial functions, and they help in neutralizing the viruses and bacteria. An insufficient supply of them leads to an increased risk and severity of infection. This is particularly the case for aged people, who often fall prey to malnutrition. A good third of people aging over 50 years old in Europe, the US and Canada have demonstrable deficiencies of one or more micronutrients.

It is not surprising that nutritional supplements and fortified products are gaining more and more significance. As per the Innova Market Insights, since early 2015 there have been about 8,500 new product launches in the immune health space globally. Vitamin and mineral supplements are by far the biggest category, followed by dairy products and beverages with immune-boosting micronutrients. Sports nutrition is another remarkable category. The company helps manufacturers with tailor-made concepts for all of these different categories.

One example is the micronutrient premix SternGut from SternVitamin, a nutritional supplement that easily easily in water. This premix supports the gut-associated immune system, with a combination of micronutrients for bolstered immunity and fibre with prebiotic and immune-modulating properties, including beta-glucanes from yeast and vitamin D3, which offer protection to the upper respiratory tract. The SternGutV premix is a version of this. It provides manufacturers with oat drinks and other plant-based milk substitute’s additional value-added potential. Whether for stress-plagued people, or athletes or “weekend warriors”, plant-based drinks with SternGutV back the immune defenses and overall fitness. Also, they impart a delectable taste and pleasant mouthfeel. 

The SternDefence product series From SternVitamin addresses various target groups. These premixes are specially created to meet the requirements of children and seniors.

“Right now parents are looking not only for nutritional supplements, but increasingly also for products that support their children’s immune systems and reduce the risk of infection,” informed Dr Christina Mesch, product manager at SternVitamin.

“Sweet treats are part of children’s diets and so parents are looking for healthier alternatives. We developed the premix SternDefence Kids for ice cream, which supports children’s immune systems with essential micronutrients and protects cells from oxidative stress. In addition, prebiotics contribute to a healthy gut,” she further said.

In addition, the premix aids in the functioning of the mucous membrane, which is very necessary for immune defense. SternDefence Seniors is a powdered nutritional supplement that is mixed into water. Many elderly people have clearly diagnosable micronutrient deficiencies, particularky of vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, folic acid, iron, zinc and magnesium. These play a vital role in the immune system, and by providing them SternDefence Seniors helps enhance immune health in seniors. Plant substances such as sea buckthorn and lycopene safeguard cells from oxidative stress, while green tea extract ameliorates the overall functioning of immune cells and antibody reactions, especially in seniors.

She added- “With our demand-oriented product concepts for boosting immune health, manufacturers can address an ongoing mega-trend – the rising demand for products with specific health-boosting properties,” asserts Dr Mesch.

“This trend has been going on for many years, and will remain important going forward.” Thanks to modern medicine people are getting older. With a good supply of nutrients, they can remain fit and healthy into old age. More and more consumers are aware of this, and so are choosing fortified products and tailored nutritional supplements.


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