StePac Limited is gaining growing fame in the retail segment for their functional standing pouches. The impressive, high-performance re-sealable bags are designed with the company’s exclusive Xgo advanced modified atmosphere/modified humidity (MA/MH) technology.

They are created to remarkably elongating the shelf life of fresh produce and alleviate waste in the supply chain as well as in the homes of its consumers. The pouch improves consumer experience and at the same time aids in boosting the fresh food packaging sector to greater ethical standards by playing a vital part to the global waste cutting attempt.

Divine Flavor, LLC, a San Diego, California-based, grower-owned distributor of fruits and vegetables and part of agro giant Grupo Alta, have already implementes these new standing pouches. The beautifully designed Xgo standing pouch is pensively engineered to amalgamate shelf-life extension capabilities by actively decelerating the aging and ripening process, with convenience in an alluring ‘grab-n-go’ retail packaging format.

Since 2010, the StePac brand took benefit of this line of bulk packaging for carrying its squash, cucumbers and bell peppers from growing regions in Mexico to USA. The company started testing the new Xgo standing pouches more than two years ago in an effort to broaden their line of high value products and bring distinction of their brand by providing supermarkets a way to offer the dedicated packaging advantages all the way from the farm to theirs patrons.

The standing pouches permitted the company to move to packing fresh produce in the final retail format at source. Influenced by the consistent working, the brand’s technical team adopted the protocol completely in 2020 for direct field-to-home refrigerator packaging of its Persian cucumbers for the US market. It is now eliciting the interest of fresh produce distributers worldwide.

Michael DuPuis, quality assurance and public relations coordinator at Divine Flavors stated- “The Xgo standing pouch is a notably high performing product, with an unmatched potential to maintain freshness and purposely lengthen product’s shelf life. The Feedback from our customers has been marvellous; they are actually pleased and satisfied with the quality as well as impressive look and the fact that it has that sustainability edge that consumers sought for.”

The standing pouch life lengthening abilities can be attributed to quirky features inbuilt into the packaging format that aids in lowering oxygen (O2) and increasing carbon dioxide (CO2). This generated optimal suitable for slowing down respiration and senescence (aging) in plant tissues, ceasing the growth of mold or any other microorganisms, thus retaining freshness and valuable nutrients. The technology curbs dehydration and product weight loss while storage, shipment, and home use and has internal condensation control that makes sure the high visibility of the packed products even under stringent supply chain conditions.

The company’s quantum leap pouches are re-sealable and can also be availed in fully recyclable matrix thus contributing to a circular economy. They can be ornamentally printed for personal brands to elicit quick product recognition while on the shelves and come with an easy-to-grip handle.

Gary Ward, business development manager at StePac informed- “Our packaging formats have customarily targeted on the wholesale sector, providing a lean functional solution to bulk packaging of high-value fresh produce that can assist long-term shipments as well as storage. It already exhibited capabilities to lengthen shelf life by 50-100%, bringing propitious aid to food-waste lowering. In the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic, worries for food safety are hugely surging the demand for retail packaging. We have thoughtfully created our packaging to retain quality and alleviate waste in the most sustainable manner possible. We are doing more and more ventures into the retail segment so that this sustainable resource saving solution can get a place into the homes of consumers.”


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