We often use a spring conveyer belt to translocate the final products but studies have shown that different conveyers have different technologies and varying amount of interaction with products. If these spring conveyers are not designed specifically then high-end tussle on belt will compromise the product quality due to disorientation and mess created on conveyer belts.

New companies are working efficiently to find solutions and they are now using new strategies to reduce the intercation with the finished goods. Companies are putting new floor plans to manage the space crunch and effective rollout of the products.

A leading player of the market, one of the state of the art households and beauty product firm has recently applied a new floor plans with new lines of transport. Products such as laundry pods (packed in bags) have to travel a long length on the belt accepting different supply lines and other machines.

The most efficient way was for the products to go up, move over the crowded area, and move back down again to connect to the next phase.

New studies have shown that the previously taken solution of spring conveyers are compromised due to less favourable techniques.

AmbaFlex, the leader in the innovative technology for food processing is offering a range of new and efficient spring conveyers. AmbaFlex uses right technology to reduce the interaction on machine and proper handling throughout the course.

AmbaFlex one-step solution provider range called, ‘SpiralVeyor Series’. This series serves the purpose by smoothest, safest and compact vertical transfer and that too in a small space of operation.
SpiralVeyor SV is one such product and ideal for secondarily packed products handling and serves to be one of the best in the segment. It arranges the products which are disoriented and also ensures high productivity in less time.

Cartons, container, trays, bottlespacks, crates and totes,
Details and specifications:-
Belt width range: 300-600 mm | 12-24″
Multi-belt: 1-3 parallel belts
Load range: per belt, up to 50 kg/m | 34 lb/ft
Speed range: standard up to 60 m/min | 200 fpm
Elevation: virtually unlimited, commonly per drive system 15 m | 50 ft
Belt length: up to per drive system 60 m | 200 ft.


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