Durga Puja is the most eagerly-awaited occasion every year which brings the mass together for an astounding time of spiritedness, happiness, affection and everything that brightens our lives during those special days.

It also brings the tradition of being involved in the diverse palate of ‘chatpata’ street-side flavours and veritable Bengali cuisine. This year, JK Masale has launched a new set of spice mixes under the company’s Blended Spices range of products to make sure that pujo is full of fun and spices.

The festivals are imperfect without the traditional phuchka and tikkaroll stalls along the way and the soothing aromas of home-cooked curries on afternoons devoted to family and friends.

As we encounter a unique pujo this year, the brand has released four new blended spices – Curry Powder, Pani Puri Masala, Royal Garam Masala, and Tikka Masala, all of which comes with the essence of the haywire, lit-up Kolkata lanes full of street food stalls, to our own kitchen.

Vijay Jain, chief marketing director of JK Masale stated- “We are pleased to launch a new line of best-quality masalas under our Blended Spices category, for this extraordinary occasion of Durga Puja and the city’s grand festivities.

At a time when we are seeing more and more people practicing home-cooking and a growing choice for home-made food, we anticipate that the 4 new blended spices will become a household favourite for all during these festive times and even after.”

The brand’s spices are curated using ultra-modern technology, making sure that the unadulterated quality of spices and ingredients has been packed with the utmost level of safety and sterilization.

The products are ready to be opened up and used in dishes. The new products along with the pre-existing ranges of zingy spices can be bought from grocery stores, retail shops as well as from several e-commerce platforms such as BigBasket, Flipkart, Grofers, Paytm Mall, Sasta Sundar, etc.

Stepping in the season of festivities of 2020, the brand is running a social campaign to motivate awareness about safety and welfare. It is a brand that is concerned about the social safety and hygiene at large, and making the use of social messaging on banners this Durga Puja, the brand is trying to create consciousness about the significance of being safe as well as maintaining the safety of our loved ones.




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