Companies are being asked to use ‘Beverages’ for Soy and Almond milk that they are selling. This came under the umbrella demarcation and regulation notified by the FSSAI recently. FSSAI said that ‘milk’ term can only be used for the products derived directly from the cow or Buffalo milk.

Many companies have started rolling back the products and ought to perform the packaging business again with new labels of ‘Beverages’. Life Health Foods, which sells 4-5 million liters of almond and soymilk beneath the ‘So Good’ model stated it has begun rolling out the brand new packaging after changing the time period milk with beverage.

In addition to it ‘plant based’ term can also be used to awaken the health conscious section of the society as the tilt of large pie of population is happening.

Borges India, which sells almond, coconut, hazelnut, walnut, and rice-based drinks beneath the Borges Natura model is utilizing the time period drink somewhat than milk.

FSSAI has prevented from utilizing the phrase milk for any plant-based products as it doesn’t come from animals.

India is a country facing new paradigm shift towards plant based protein sources such as soy milk or almond milk and numerous other products and the shifting population is comprised mainly of lactose illiberals, vegans and vegetarians.

The market – which is dominated by giant multinational gamers resembling American chocolate maker Hershey’s, New Zealand’s Life Health Food,

Spain’s Borges and Indian Raw Pressery, Drums Food International, NatureVit, and Urban Platter – is raising 25-30% yearly. It is anticipated to herald international funding of greater than $200 million (Rs 1,500 crore), in accordance with the trade estimates.

Though market is in very earlier stage of boom but sooner than later a healthy surge is expected where these ‘Beverages’ will help satitate the hunger of healthier supplements sought highly nowadays.


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