Sona Machinery Pvt. limited, a agricultural machinery provider and manufacturer spanning over a substantial market, has extended its support to rice producing farms. Company aims to serve the rice producers with all the international level support in sorting, cleaning and milling. The company is a market leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of diversified agro-processing machinery specialising in rice milling machinery.

With booming population, this humankind is in need of humongous amount of grains to sustain this. To meet the demands, the fundamental resides in the processing of the grains because there remains a huge chance of loss and spoilage in the quantity. Owing to better technologies and some preservation techniques it has been in recovery mode, but still needs a keen intent of manufacturers that can create a system which performs suitable washing, sorting and milling reducing the grain loss at its best.

Sona Machinery Pvt Ltd. is determined providing the best support to process one of  the favourite staple crop of India- Rice.

It provides end to end mill solution with low maintenance and high accuracy products accompanied by after-sales support. The company takes care of the complete machinery range backed up with a robust design.

Apart from the full range of rice machine, they also assist in the entire Turnkey Rice Mill setup. The products are highly suitable for cleaning, stone separation, milling, grading and material handling of the grains.

Vasu Naren, CEO, Sona Machinery Private  Limited, said, “The entire agriculture sector is concerned about the production where very little attention is paid to the post-harvesting processes. The quality of the end product plays an instrumental role in the value addition which can be achieved by organising the post-harvesting sector.”

Narender Kumar, MD, Sona Machinery, said, “Through the intervention of new age machines we not just aspire to curtail the loss but align with the need to meet the nutrition demand globally.”



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