Solinatra has announced that TÜV Austria has certified their plant-based coffee capsules as industrially biodegradable.

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Solinatra has announced that TÜV Austria has certified their plant-based coffee capsules as industrially biodegradable.

Solinatra coffee capsules are 100% natural, plant-based, biodegradable, compostable, and contain no fossil-derived chemicals or microplastics. These unique capsules offer exceptional oxygen barrier and water vapour barrier qualities, ensuring that the coffee stays fresh for a perfect brewing experience every time.

In 2022, more than 70 billion single-serve coffee capsules have been sold globally, enough to circle the planet 51 times. Before washing and recycling plastic and aluminium capsules, the lids and coffee grounds must be removed.

Coffee capsules made of Solinatra can be easily discarded in food trash collections or a home compost container, making it simple for customers to properly dispose of their capsules.

Coffee capsule composting produces high-quality fertiliser, enabling a more circular economy and lowering environmental impact as compared to plastic or aluminium.

Solinatra has been in the forefront of developing truly sustainable materials, creating unique grades of material to replace fossil-based plastics.

Patented technologies transform plant waste from harvested crops and agricultural byproducts into a biopolymer that runs in regular injection moulding gear, allowing firms to migrate from polluting, fossil-based plastics to compostable, circular solutions with minimal disruption.

The TÜV accreditation provides additional assurance to brands and customers seeking truly sustainable biomaterials. Solinatra materials can be used in a variety of applications, including flatware, food packaging, cosmetics, and industrial uses.

Commenting on the certification, Robert de Jong, CEO at Solinatra said, “We’ve developed our natural and plant-based materials to be the solution to fossil-based, polluting plastics. The certification is confirmation that Solinatra is the truly sustainable choice.”

Solinatra was launched by Coda Group back in 2021. Gordon St Coffee used the biopolymer in its own Nespresso-compatible capsules, furthering its objective of replacing plastic and aluminium coffee pods.


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