Society tea, a stalwart in the category, has unveiled skimmed milk powder to relish more on the teas and coffees. Product is completely safe, spray dried, non-food addidtive containing serving to be the best tea-mate of its consumer base.

Made up of purest and freshest milk, it is 99% Fat free and easy to go skimmed product of the category. Society tea has numerous quality labs to check and test the reliability of the product and it has been released after the same in the wake of festivities. Company also appears to score the social gatherings and family time which are set to be in the upcoming festival season.

It is being produced after removing fat from the milk making it very low on calories and added nutritives are also infused in the product. Hygienic sealing and packaging is promoted by the company to ensure increased shelf-life even if opened after first use.

Company claims this skimmed mill powder to be suitable substitute to consumer’s daily milk requirements because of its utility in making many products such as curd, sweets and other milk products.

The product is available in different quantities, like 100gm and 500gm, priced at Rs 38 and Rs 180, respectively

Society tea is an Indian tea brand, based in Maharashtra, was founded in around 1940s and since then serving in its capacity to Maharashtra and adjacent states. Company owns 10% market shares in its region of operation and has profound market penetration.


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