Society Tea comes up with an enchanting film commemorating the exemplary ‘chai chai’ parlance used by the omnipresent chaiwallas at the railway station. The film typifies the idea of luxuriating in a piping hot cup of freshening special chai instantaneously with its fragranced One Minute Tea variants.

Tea is so entwined into the soul of our quotidian life that often all it takes is just a little poke to revive some of the unique bonding with tea. One such indelible connection is the chaiwalla at the railway station. Motivated by that little hiatus, the film gracefully disseminates a message that now anyone can relish a special cup of flavoured tea enriched a blend of aromatic Indian spices, be it the archetypal ‘Masala’, the ‘Adrakwali Chai’, the ‘DesiElaichi’, or the revivifying ‘Lemongrass tea’, anywhere, anytime and that too in the blink of an eye.

Karan Shah, director, Society Tea stated- “Tea for Indians is not merely a beverage, it is a habit engrossed into their daily life. Majority of us desire to have our special chai in a moment’s notice but generally that is not feasible. One Minute Tea is a solution of this requirement for a special cup of tea that anyone can prepare. And what can be a better manner than this to colligate the ineffaceable call for chai at railway and bus depots against individuals of all age groups.”

Society Tea is a privately-owned Indian tea firm having its headquarters at Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. It is part of a group established in 1933. The brand is an eminent tea-seller in Maharashtra, with a 10% market share within the state. Apart from Maharashtra, the brand is also serving lavish tea products in other Indian states such as Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Society Tea is a retail tea sub-brand of Mumbai-based Hashmukh Rai & Co tea blenders which functions the parent company.


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