A Soch Foods LLP product, Munchilicious Granola which has set its footprints in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Delhi has now entered Bengaluru with its healthy breakfast and the mid-meal snacks range.

Commenting upon the brand’s presence in the first phase, it has already stepped into more than 100+ retail stores of Bengaluru. The nutritious granola is available in three variants including Original, Dried Fruits and Dark Chocolate. It can also be purchased from various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart and BigBasket. As per its expansion plan, the brand will be available for purchase in 70 more stores by November.

The company is mainly aiming on the traditional distribution model and will link with all A+ retail shops, supermarkets and nutrition stores in Bengaluru. A lot of focus would also be laid on advertising where the company will utilize product sampling as the primary tool to reach the customers. In addition, with the help of retail collaterals, it tries to target on spreading awareness regarding its advantages to the customers.

Now with the office goers are turning their way back to their desks and considering the ever-so-busy work-life of Bengaluru, the brand has also introduced its 40gm packet which can be a healthy on-the-go breakfast, an ideal tea-time snack, or can be eaten while waiting for the signal to turn green. The existing 500gm packet is perfect for a wholesome breakfast and snack, but the new smaller packet is a magnificent on-the-go munchie with similar nutrient values.

Rohit Mohan Pugalia, founder & CEO, Munchilicious Granola, Soch Foods stated- “We are broadening our footprints in Bengaluru with our top three variants that are Original, Dried Fruits and Dark Chocolate. We have focussed our vision on surpassing the milestone of more than 5L in 2 months. With an immense response that we have got in other metro cities, I am sure Bengaluru will be as preferable. With this expansion, we decide to include the idea of conscious snacking among our customers.”

The brand targets on new-age, health-conscious, as well as time-starved working professionals. Over a smaller period, the brand has set its presence in major retail platforms throughout India, including Nature’s Basket, Spencers, Amazon, Flipkart, and numerous more. Currently, the product is available in famous varieties of Dark Chocolate, Desi-Twist, Dried Fruits, Grain-Free, and Original.

Customers can relish the product directly taking out of the box or in combination with milk, ice cream, yogurt, smoothies and protein shakes, and many more. All the products are checked and analyzed in Asia’s reliable and well-acclaimed lab Tuv Sud and are ISO22000 verified. Purvi Pugalia, the co-promoter of Soch Foods, is the Master Chef of the brand, who manages and controls the taste and quality related issues of the brand.


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