Snapdeal, under its community welfare liabilities has sprawled its connect to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s ‘Eat Right India’.

From 22 February,2021, the shipments delivered will be reaching 92% of towns and cities of India along with specified stickers on it.

The stickers will drive awareness about the  ‘+F’ mark that identifies fortified foods and will educate consumers about the importance of fortified foods in fighting malnutrition. The company will also use its digital channels to disseminate information about the benefits of fortified foods in daily diets and how consumers can identify such products with the ‘+F’ mark while buying online or offline.

In the similar pursuit, company will be working at basic levels with delivery partners, dealers and third party co-workers to put more thrust on the message.

Speaking on the initiative, Rajnish Wahi, Snapdeal’s senior vice president, said, “Our support for the Eat Right Movement is an extension of our spirit to serve Bharat. We are proud to galvanize forces with Food Fortification Resource Centre (FFRC) and scale up communication in a short span of time, covering millions of people and impacting community behaviour positively.”

According to  Arun Singhal, CEO FSSAI, such mechanisms are certainly a great vehicle in taking key messaging to the grass-roots level for the benefit of our society at large. He encouraged other similar business models to come forward and disseminate the right messaging on safe, healthy and sustainable eating practices through their vast delivery network. He urged people to start recognising the ‘+F’ mark on 5 key staples.

Talking about the future strategy for scaling-up food fortification, Singhal stated that FSSAI has already issued a draft notification for mandatory fortification of edible oil and milk. In the near future, our people will be able to get recommended doses of micro-nutrients through availability of fortified edible oil and packaged toned, double toned, skimmed milk or standardised milk fortified with essential vitamins like A and D.

Today India possess huge malnutrition load, women are suffering for plethora anaemic conditions, non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disorders are quite revved up. In the same ambience this initiative by FSSAI and substantial thrust coming recently from Snapdeal will prove to be highly beneficial.


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