Snack-A-Doodle, a homegrown D2C snacking brand based out of Mumbai has actively been engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of a range of tasty as well as healthy snacks for kids over the past one year. Co-founded by Radhieka Pandeya and Simer Dhall in April 2021, the primary aim of the brand has been to offer plenty of health snacking options for children.

In an exclusive chat with Claus from Food Infotech, Simer Dhall, one of the Co-Founders of Snack-A-Doodle spoke about the reasons behind choosing to become an entrepreneur herself in partnership with another Co-Founder Radhieka Pandeya, apart from also sharing a bit about the numerous range of snack products offered to the consumers by their brand, the various ingredients used by them in manufacturing their range of snack products and more.

1) Would you start off by telling us a bit about yourself and what brought you into the food business?

Snack-A-Doodle was founded by myself along with Radhieka Pandeya. I am a mom of a 6-year-old and have good experience in handling customer relations/PR in the F&B industry. Radhieka Pandeya is a mother of two kids and has over 10 years’ experience in the baking industry and is also the Founder of Fitness Bakery in Mumbai. We both realized how important healthy snacking is for our kids and the solution was right in front of us, that’s why we started Snack-a-doodle.

2) Can you enumerate for us on Snack-a-Doodle’s current product line?

Our bites range include strawberry apple, banana choco chip and mango pineapple. All our bites are vegan and sweetened only with fruits, dates and raisins.

Our cookie range includes vanilla milkshake and strawberry milkshake cookie, millet and date and crunchy chocolate millet cookies.


All products were developed by us with the aim of creating an inclusive range of snacks that will address health, allergens and taste – a problem that all parents struggle with. Therefore, each product is gluten-free, preservative-free, egg-free & processed-sugar free.

3) Kindly cite a few examples to let us know more on the ingredients used by your brand in the manufacture of your range of products for children as well as adults.

All our ingredients are sourced from local home grown suppliers. All are products are gluten free, using ingredients such as oats and millets.

All our products have no refined sugar. Our milkshake cookies are sweetened with organic khand and in our date cookies, we use “gur” and date powder.

Snack-A-Doodle Crunchy chocolate millet cookies

Our bites are vegan and are sweetened with dates, raisins and only fruits.

4) There are plenty of businesses already out there in the market selling healthy snacks today. So, let us know more on the USP of your brand.

Snack-a-doodle products have no nuts prevalent in any of our products. All our products are gluten-free as well.

5) Who are your key consumer segments?

The key consumer segments that we cover presently are audience that are classified under NCCS A, the starting age for which would be a child aged about 10 months old till as long as the child sits up and begins chewing its regular food.

6) What’s next that you’ve planned to work on? A bit about the same.

We are going to be adding many new variants to our current product line in the near future. We have various products in development and we are excited to launch them soon.

7) How would you want Snack-a-Doodle to be known as, say 5 years from today?

We would like to be known as one of the leading healthy snacking brands in India. For this, we are aiming to increase our presence in retail space as well this year.

8) Finally, would you let us know about the favourite snack you enjoy during your pastime?

My personal favourite are the mango pineapple bites. I enjoy eating them during my snack time and so does my little one.


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