Smoor, a bangalore based Schmitten and Gourmet chocolate producers has unveiled its plans to launch super healthy and authentic Macarons E-Store in Indian Markets. After disrupting competition in silky and gourmet chocolates business, company plans to introduce macarons in a bouquet of unique, assorted flavours and variants.

In a novel move, company is setting up an online platform, True Macaron, that would make it accessible to patrons countrywide.  Smoor, at current, is offering 21 different mouth-watering flavours which goes as perfect snacking partner.

The launch also brings a range of eggless macarons to cater to the segment that has been waiting to enjoy this delicate and delightful confectionary.

SmoorThe range will also offer exciting never-experienced-before flavours in macarons like Matcha Pistachio and Cassis Violet and macaron desserts including chocolates, cupcakes and cakes, in indulgent flavours like Araguani Dark Chocolate Fudge.

Speaking on the launch, Kanchan Achpal, CMO, Smoor, said, “We are delighted to launch our brand new category with the True Macaron e-store alongside our momentous 5 year anniversary. Macarons represent an industry that is ripe for disruption by a cutting-edge brand that can use this much-loved dessert and build an entire range of unique desserts around it. This is exactly what we are doing as we capitalize on the opportunity and, yet again, emerge as category creators. We’re launching a wide range of flavours, a range of eggless macarons, custom printed macarons, and macaron cakes, chocolates, and cupcakes. We believe in delivering the best, most unique experiences to our customers, and this new launch is just another step underlining this promise.”


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