India’s first homegrown premium vodka, Smoke Lab Vodka, has announced that it has recently received global recognition at some of the most reputable spirits award platforms. This is a remarkable triumph for the company which made its international debut in the United States and Singapore in late 2020, in the midst of the pandemic.

Smoke Lab Vodka is an Indian homegrown, small batch hand-crafted vodka range that has been diversifying in the Indian market over the past 2 years. Prepared from the finest grains of Basmati rice procured from the foothills of the Himalayas, the vodka undergoes a five times distillation by means of ultra-modern charcoal filtration for a pure spirit that is gluten-free and vegan.

The Classic variant is exceptionally potent and complex with a smooth finish and bold flavour hitting the nose with fresh nutty aromas with minuscule hints of citrus fruits. The adventurous Aniseed flavour variant is a delicate amalgamation of fennel and liquorice notes for a creamy and sweet palate, making it an exuberant nostalgic exploration of an Indian household herb, the ‘saunf’.

Classic and Aniseed received both Gold and Best-in-Class Master Medals at the eminent Spirits Business Asia 2021 which is a blind-tasting competition. Aniseed and Classic were also honoured a Double Gold, Gold & Silver medal respectively at the prestigious World Spirits Design Competition in San Francisco earlier this year.

Both variants were also declared as Silver & Gold winners at the 2021 Bartenders Spirits Awards in San Francisco which aim on the best on-premise spirits for bars across the United States. Most recently, the brand was also awarded with Gold at the 2021 SIP Awards for Smoke Aniseed, attaching yet another feather to its cap.

“For a young brand like ours, having just launched in the United States in the middle of a global pandemic, being recognized by some of the most prestigious and largest spirits competitions is extremely exciting and encouraging! This is testament that our product is at par with any of the best quality vodkas in the world right now. We want to put India on the global spirits stage, and this is a well-deserved win in that direction. Cheers to our amazing team at Smoke Lab,” asserted Varun Jain, founder and CEO, Smoke Lab and NV distilleries.


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