Whole world is struggling to manage the waste and ensure proper disposal of the same abiding by the rules and regulations.  Numerous pursuits are being made in the field to get rid or else keep the pollution at manageable level.

Plastic is the most aching pollutant on globe which has turned from boon in last century when it was invented to bane now.  Major portion of the plastic pollutant is contributed by the plastic straws used in eateries and restaurants.

One such effort to reduce the plastic is done by Smaart Eats.  Smaart Eats has launched Smaart straws made up of high quality rice which is completely biodegradable in all its aspects and don’t interfere with the taste of your sip.

Make of these straws are even tougher than normal plastic providing you unmelting experience throughout your drink.  Available in variety of size (5.8,8 and 13 cm) and alluring colors of grey,white, purple etc.

Since, the make is perfectly of the finest rice, straws are quite safe for human consumption. No odour in the straw makes your food taste even more realising to your taste buds.  Even if disposed, no worries, they are biodegradable.

Paper straws were used since time being levying a huge load of forest reserves of the country for the paper production adding up a major bit in pollution.

In the time where all the stuffs are on sake due to the inadvertent use of resources, there was an immense dearth for such a product that could tumble down the thrust on our precious natural resources.  So, this effort from Smaart Eats will be the milestone in figuring the best and oozing less waste.

Vishal Laddha, co-founder, partner and CEO, Smaart Eats, said, “The extent of pollution and environmental damage caused by plastic straws is daunting.  We believe in sustainable and healthy living without compromising on our overall lifestyle when it comes to food consumption, and realised that people are willing to take a step forward towards protecting our planet but do not have sufficient choices at their disposal.  Hence, we introduced rice straws that are a perfect and easy replacement to plastic or even steel straws.  Our rice straws are ideal for today’s fast-paced world where people can easily use them and not think twice about how these straws fare in the whole degradation process. That’s because rice straws are 100 per cent biodegradable and therefore eco-friendly.  We urge the world to embrace our innovative product to make our planet a better place to live.”


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