Slurrp Farm was established in October 2016 by two mothers, for their and your children with a goal to supply tasty and all natural substitutes to the junk food surrounding us today. This underscores no use of preservatives, artificial flavours and artificial colours. The brand is enthusiast in spreading awareness regarding benefits of healthy eating for children by delivering convenient food options to parents which are as flavourful and nutritious as what one would make at home.

The brand deeply believes that there are many hardships related to the food chain now-a-days such as refined flours, trans-fat, preservatives, artificial flavours, etc. and emphasizes the necessity to alter our food preferences and eating habits.

Slurrp Farm desires to assist its patrons to accomplish this goal.

The brand has been potent enough to integrate Indian food traditions into their recipes and using the healthier possible ingredients to design a unique and distinctive identity for the firm. The recipes always begin at the home of their maker sand after several stages of trials and consultation with dieticians, nutritionists and pediatrician, the brand comes up with a perfectly healthy and delectable food item.

Diwali is another name for sweets, lights, decorations, crackers, ditching calorie counts and eating our hearts out! Nevertheless, the part where we mostly hustle is to decide that what to gift to our near and dear ones. Currently, when the global epidemic has us all struggling to shed that additional lockdown weight, we are moving to more nutritious yet more delicious food options to substitute the never-ending cravings and searching for options that are ideal for health-friendly feasting.

Slurrp Farm has hand-picked the most ideal gifting option for you, a batter filled ‘Bake your heart out’ gift box. The box with an affordable price of Rs 1249 includes four special cake combos: Banana Bread Mix, Chocolate Brownie Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, and Vanilla Cake Mix.
This eclectic box is has no traces of preservative, maida, artificial colours and refined sugar, making it the most suitable companion for all intimate celebrations and perfect gifting choice for your little and dear ones.


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