Siegwerk reported that it has collaborated with Idealliance to offer G7 Certification for the printing community worldwide – including India. Idealliance is a transformational industry association granting global standardization, training, and certification programmes for the printing and packaging supply chain. Their specifications, G7, BrandQ, GRACoL and many more, have revolutionized the industry by designing a state-of-the-art architecture for production workflows.

Focussed at bringing uniform standardization and best practices, Siegwerk is the global partner of Idealliance under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) entered between the organisations to provide this well-known programme to India. Under this agreement, Siegwerk G7 Experts can submit G7 Master Qualifications for its Indian customers.

Mike Grady, vice president of global partnerships, Idealliance stated- “Brand owners care about print quality more than ever before and are requesting print partners to utilize standards to achieve visual brand continuity across entire packaging supply chains across the globe. G7 Experts and the team at Siegwerk India play a crucial role in assisting print suppliers to simplify workflow processes, save time and meet the requirements of global print quality programmes via G7 Master Qualification.”

The company’s aim is to increase transparency, enhance productivity and contribute to the development of customers. Together with customers, the company analyses and optimizes their production process, determines potential savings and train staff. The company aids for colour and ink management as well as the set-up, print and finishing processes.

This partnership is part of the company’s wider global colour management strategy known as ‘Colorwerk’ headed by Dr Kiran Deshpande, Global Senior Expert Colour Management. It includes comprehensive colour management across the packaging value chain. The company will offer two sets of G7 Certification programmes targeting individuals and manufacturing plants in India.

The certification applies to all the ink series from the company’s business units including Flexible Packaging, SheetFed and NarrowWeb. Talking about this collaboration, Ashish Pradhan, president-Asia, Siegwerk declared- “This appointment by Idealliance boosts Siegwerk’s expertise and capabilities in the printing industry to offer cost-efficient implementation of G7 methodology and G7 Master certification in India. Siegwerk will offer ongoing support for G7 to realise the tangible advantages and cost savings for the long haul as we work across multiple presses, plants, and locations. We ensure colour quality monitoring and continuous amelioration for the printing converters who are looking for adopting global best practices to set up uniform standards in printing.”


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