Sids Farm, a premium D2C dairy brand based out of Telangana, announced that it has increased the retail price of its A2 Buffalo Milk by Rs. 2/- per 500 ml packet effective immediately. The revised price is now Rs. 50/- for a half-litre pouch.

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There is no change in the price of cow milk which shall continue to be available at the same earlier price. The hike is a result of a substantial rise in the various input factor costs for the A2 buffalo milk production and operations over the last few months.

The A2 buffalo milk is procured from afar to ensure premium quality and only pasteurized and packed following a rigorous quality assurance process. While the costs of procurement for raw buffalo milk for the company increased by over 12 percent in the last six months, the current hike has been restricted to less than 5 percent. This flush season, almost all brands are feeling an unusual pressure on their bottomlines due to raw milk prices not normalizing as expected. Sids Farm’s customer-centric and quality-focused approach ensures zero tolerance for all antibiotics in milk. While this ensures an unqualified purity guarantee to each consumer, this translates into a higher rejection rate for the raw product.

Commenting on the development, Dr Kishore Indukuri, Founder, Sids Farm, said, “Sid’s Farm is all about relationships and experiences. We truly value our customer’s trust in the brand, Sids Farm, and want to reassure each of them that we shall never falter on our promise of delivering 100 percent honest milk and dairy products to their doorstep every day. I wish to reassure our patrons that the strong and unyielding commitment that we have to our customer’s relationship with us is matched only by our uncompromising stand on quality and innovation. This is why we deferred, for as long as possible, any increase in our prices in spite of an unstoppable steep rise in other costs.”

He added, “We had not passed this increase on to our customers hoping that monsoons will increase the milk production and bring some respite. However, since nothing of the sort happened, we have been forced to raise the prices of our A2 Buffalo Milk slightly. We cannot be thankful enough for how our customers have stood by us through these last few years and I am confident that our products will always receive the acceptance and adulation which they have, ever since they were launched.”


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