Sids Farm Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Kishore Indukuri, has won ‘Young Leader of the Year (South)’ in Dare to Dream Awards 2022 hosted by TV9 Network, India. SAP and TV9 came together to create the 2022 edition.

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Elated at receiving the award Dr. Indukuri-Founder & MD, Sids Farm said, “It is immensely humbling to be recognised as ‘Young Leader’ by the prestigious Growth Matters Forum. While I have followed my dream of making dairy products quality proof and dairy farming more tech oriented, it is heartening to see the effort being recognised. These recognitions inspire to carry on the good work and instills faith that we are in the right path.”

Dare to Dream was institutionalised by Growth Matters Forum is an online community designed exclusively for business owners to connect and engage with people in their field of business and industry. They also support a Global Bharat Movement, an initiative that helps businesses to reach out to the global customers and partners and become globally competitive. ‘Dare to Dream’ award is committed to encourage SMEs and entrepreneurs who are leading India to become a developed nation by 2047. And as India plans its journey of the next 25 years to emerge as a global leader, business pioneers will be recognised in giving shape to this ambition.

As Dr Indukuri mentioned, “It is an acknowledgement of innovation, growth, and leadership and will continue to be in our heart as a guiding light when we take the next steps for Sid’s Farm. Dare To Dream Awards is a tribute to all those business leaders who have demonstrated innovation and a digital mindset while converting adversity into advantage.

Incidentally, Sids Farm is the fresh dairy brand based in Telangana which has put quality as the topmost factor of any product that they bring in the market. With more than 100 store partners in and around Hyderabad, Sid’s Farm aims to provide the millennial consumers with the best quality milk where every can undergoes 45 tests based on FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) legal standards of milk and milk products.

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Sid’s Farm is focused on benchmarking quality as the main USP of the milk and any other product that they bring to the market. It works extensively to protect its vision by proactive maintenance and optimization of production and logistical chains. Sid’s Farm stands for Quality and it aims to stand out among Dairy companies of India.


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