Sidel, your one-stop solution for all the food processing setups has now tied knot with Elettric 80 to serve and suffice needs right from a warehouse to supply, packaging lines and logistics for beverages, food, Home and Personal Care (FHPC) business operators. Both companies are aiming to be the single source pool from where all the considerate services emanates and to allow business operators more flexibility, safety and sustainability with their integrated services.

Beverages and FHPCs are facing lot of constraints on technological grounds. Simultaneously, the boost in e-commerce business has led an urging impact for the companies to improvies their warehouses and technical builts enabling them to sustain the pace.

Solving these issues and keeping operators up the pace, both Sidel and Elettra 80 has geared up to pour world-class services of automated packaging lines with all exemplary integrated and non-integrated logistic supports. This Knot-up of the companies has been curated to aid FBOs to thrust the pace of their own moving goods and to disrupt the competition in the segment.

Monica Gimre, CEO,SidelGroup, said,“For Sidel, it is a principle to always listen to our customers. A strategic alliance with Elettric80 is our approach towards achieving our goal of providing A to Z services to our customers, including intralogistics solutions.We are happy to be in a partnership with a company that shares the same values as we do, and I believe that the synergy and great teamwork between us will bring added value not just to our customers but also to ourselves by opening space for learning and innovation together.”

Enrico Grassi, president,Elettric80, said,“Packaging lines with highly automated and integrated intralogistics areas at the endof the line will be the futureof any production site. Along with Sidel, we are taking the next stepin expanding our business opportunities by increasingour customers’ operational efficiency and sustainability. We are ready to complement this alliance with strong expertise in logistics processes.”


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