With the advent of CoronaVirus in the domain, people switched to sustainable and virus free environment. There was plethora proudcts available for the whole lot of sanitization of variety stuffs we carry and touch. But there remained a silence when it came to fruit and veggies owing its edibility which could never be washed with any alcohol based solutions and in the segment something magical was needed that can dupe the viruses and kill them along with enhancing the quotient of safety we people desire to avail in fruits and veggies.

Rustic Art came with the purpose-defeating completely organic solution Serve Clean working pretty well against pathogens and its range. Unique coalesce of soapnut and tamarind enriche with colloidal silver making it effective against removing dirt, bacteria, fungi without comprising the real skin and pulp of the fruits and veggies.

Because of the porous skin of fruits and stuffs leads to absorption of harmful chemicals present in normal soap creates what-not reactions inside human body, it is unknowable and it comes to horizon until it has harmed a major part of us.

So this, Baking soda, tamarind and silver colloid is the necessity of the time which eliminates pesticides and dirt while Sodium Per Carbonate retains the nutrients and vitamins in the food and keeps them fresh for a longer time period. With natural cleansers like Soapnut (Reetha), it helps to get rid of the wax and other toxic chemicals on the surface. It helps also in getting rid of the dubious elements that somehow attaches to the fruit surface.

SunitaJaju, founder anddirector, chief formulator, Rustic Art, said, “Our endeavour has always been to serve consumers with sustainable solutions derived from natural sources. In view of the pandemic, consumers are more inclined towards eco-friendly products for safety and hygiene. We curated a 100 per cent organic powdered wash that is free of chemical fragrance, preservative, sulphate and synthetic colour. Most vegetable and fruit washes in the market use up a lot of water to get rid of the residue from the surface. Serve Clean is a highly water efficient and safe formula which requires very less water to rinse off.”

The powdered formula is water-efficient in nature while making the waste-water recyclable for urban-gardening and other household chores. It requires much lesser water to wash and a simple water bath can be used to clean the produce.


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