Every month has its own identity or if more aptly mentioned, people have assigned every month with a noble cause. So is September. September is assigned and celebrated as “National Family meals month”. Why to choose only September as this? Just for a reason that in every topology and demography the season transforms and sweeps into another season with lots of change in the human body and mind.
September is being celebrated as National family meals month with a motive fo create awareness among the common people about the food safety and techniques and most purportedly the benefits of Family meals.
FMI i.e Food Marketing Institute is now promoting a notion of bringing back the families to the food-table at least once in a week. Clearly, this movement is now aiming to take back the families from separacy to the unitedness.
FMI is also providing a variety of resources to retailers and manufacturers to promote family meals at the link http://www.fmi.org/family-meals/toolkits/manufacturer-toolki
Feeding little ones and bringing them back to the family meals’ table is tedious job and to ensure this job institute is also going to provide new and interactive products that can keep them at the table and will provide nutrition and engagement as well.
Early age infant feeding are also in the prime category among the list of focusses age brackets.
Further to serve the cause they are highlighting the developmental needs of babies. It is evident that parents’ interests shift as their children grow and that adult themes become increasingly important in post-weaning categories, according to Innova Market Insights.


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