With the holiday season round the corner, Munchilicious Granola intends to make sure that people can prioritize wellness even during the holiday season.

Baked till perfection with carefully gathered ingredients, their fine granola amalgamates nutrition and flavour extraordinarily. The bars contains no added sugar or oil, it is free from gluten, enriched with nutrients and fibres with a lavish assortment of nuts and seeds, making it an ideal gifting choice for near and dear ones this Christmas.

Munchilicious granola

Perfect for a chocolate lover is the signature variant named ‘Dark Chocolate’. With more than 50% nuts, seeds and grains, this delicious treat makes for an ultimate guilt-free gift for the season of giving. The tenderness of chocolate and Christmas fun is a flawless blend that has been around for decades.

Go for the luxurious ‘Dried Fruit’ variant for a delectable gastronomic experience. The undertones of pineapples, strawberries and apricots impart their tangy and sweet flavours to the mix, making it a fantastic and vivified offering.

Cost for every 500 grams of bar is Rs 650. These bars can be bought from premium retail shops from across the nation, including Dorabjee’s, More, Nature’s Basket, and Spencer’s Retail.

Propelled by passion and motivated by excellence, the goal of Munchilicious granola is to tastefully alter the concept of healthy eating by allowing every foodie to relish salubrious food.

Munchilicious granola is one of the finest granola in India with a range of delectable, power-packed snacks to revitalize you with a copious amalgamation of protein, fibre, vitamins and various other good-for-you ingredients in every bite.

Munchilicious granola makes sure that the utmost quality control norms are being stringently followed to validate that each product is packed with handpicked ingredients and abundant natural flavours; ensuring that your attempts to maintain a healthy diet don’t go in vain.


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