Sattvik Council of India, world’s first and pioneering vegetarian food & lifestyle standard development organization, will be starting its operations from its new regional office in Surat, Gujarat.

The operations from Surat, known as Diamond city would allow Sattvik Council of India to enter the rapidly expanding India market and meet the needs of regional customers, as well as their existing global customers.

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Mr. Abhishek Biswas, Founder at Sattvik Council of India said, “Gujarat can act as a global hub for Sattvik certification as it is equipped with all the resources necessary for a flourishing Sattvik certification sector. He added that India has the best resources for Sattvik certification as there are various markets such as Food, Textiles, Agriculture, Dairy, Hospitality, Ships & Air logistics system under them”.

He further stated, “Opportunities to set up a Sattvik Certification base in Gujarat are immense. Firms from Gujarat, especially those in the food processing sector, top the list of companies that are eyeing the growing consumer segment that wants to buy ethically made vegetarian products and services.

Firms seeking Sattvik certification have to adhere to certain norms like using no animal ingredients/derivatives in manufacturing processes, no alcohol, no harsh chemicals and no child labor, for which we would check the facilities twice in a year. Usually firms that come to us cater to global markets at large and we provide a platform to link them with these markets. We certify that all the components are to be followed as per the standards and pass all our compliances”.

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Sattvik Council of India is a Non-profit Organization & the World’s first and pioneering Vegetarian food & lifestyle Standard Development organization established with an objective to promote the certification of vegetarian food. This is an indigenous certification that develops & designed in India with an aim to regulate the Vegetarian food and lifestyle chain. This certification fetches its inspiration from VEDAS and PURANAS – the heritage of India.


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