The unique new product launch for this month is “Beetroot Laddoo” branded as “Healthy Balls” by Sairam Sweets.

These innovative laddoos is prepared from beetroot as well as other helth-giving ingredients to come up with a truly distinct spin in the form of “Healthy Balls”.

Basically beetroot is a true root which tastes sweet and slightly salty. People generally use it in preparing vegetables and salad. Though salubrious in its form with a quirky colour, some do not really relish it. Still beetroot has grown to be considered as superfood over the last decade.

Beets for dessert? Yes, indeed!

Beets seem to be just as incredible in desserts as they are in salads. These purplish roots turned dessert balls are no exception, and the beets offer abundant amount of moisture to them.

They are enriched with potassium, vitamin-A, iron, antioxidants, and other nutrients, and are low in calories. Betaine, a nutrient in beets, has been found to safeguard the body from environmental stress, as well as aid in battle against inflammation. Drinking beet juice also helps in lowering systolic blood pressure that alleviates the risk of heart disease and other ailments. This root veggie can also enhance oxygen level, stamina and improve exercise performance.

Scientific analyses have shown that the pigments in beets may aid to reduce the growth of cancer cells. Loaded with essential nutrients, beetroots are a wonderful source of fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.

With this many health benefits, Sai Ram Sweets just created “Healthy Balls” out of beet roots and amla. The combination of these two with other ingredients like liquid glucose, coconut and cashew fillings that are rich in vitamins converted the whole matter into sweet balls.

It is rare to come across a dessert which is an amalgamation of nutrition and taste. ‘Healthy Balls’ from Sairam Sweets is one such product. Made from vitamins and minerals – rich beetroot and vitamin C – rich amla, these healthy balls are an amazing way to satisfy the sweet tooth without really feeling any guilt. The alluring shape and pinkish colour of beetroot balls co-ordinates eyes with hand motion extending them to pick one.

The sweet ‘Healthy Balls’ has reaped terrific response and has captivated customers who come only to purchase this particular product.

Apart from this, Sai Ram Sweets has a barfi in its product portfolio which is named “Dubai barfi”. It is sugar-free, prepared from dates and dry fruits.

About Packaging of the product:

The latest tamper-proof packaging specially made of food grade version plastic, similar to what is used in the ice cream industry, is utilized for packing Healthy Balls.

Tamper-proof packaging is done in such a way that it offers utmost security during the storage and transportation of high-value or vulnerable goods.


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