Sahachol Food Supplies Co., Ltd, Thailand’s leading food company operating under the Sahapat Network “Thailand Best”, is committed to initiate and develop high quality, clean, tasty and nutritious food products.

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The company has successfully added extra value to its soy milk products, sold under the BSC brand, by adopting SIG’s innovative drinksplus technology that allows F&B manufacturers to aseptically fill aseptic carton packs with beverages containing nutritious real bits of fruits, vegetables, grains, and chewable particulates, such as nata de coco for multisensorial experience.

This underlines SIG’s consistency as a business partner with commitment to help F&B manufactures turn challenges into new opportunities by utilizing SIG’s solutions and technologies.

“Soy-based drinks are gaining popularity as consumers pay more attention to health and wellness. By using our drinksplus technology to incorporate healthy grains like corn bits, sesame, and basil seed into its soy drinks, SIG assists Sahachol Food Supplies, the owner of the BSC brand, in creating the distinctive selling point of its soy beverages. Because of this, BSC is the first and only brand in Thailand and Asia Pacific South in aseptic carton markets that introduces soy milk with actual bits of grains that make the beverage more enticing and nutritious,” said Angela Lu, President and General Manager Asia Pacific South at SIG.

BSC offers broad selections of soy drinks, for example, BSC Corn Soy (soy milk with corn bits), BSC Sesame Soy (soy milk with sesame, nata de coco and basil seed), BSC Coconut Soy (soy milk with nata de coco and coconut bits), Soy Milk Cocoa flavor with nata de coco. The most recent innovation is BSC Brown Sugar flavor with nata de coco, inspired by famous Taiwanese bubble tea.

“We initiate new recipes of soy drinks because we know that nowadays, consumers do not only want healthy food, but they are looking for interesting and new taste experiences. BSC’s soy milk range with real bits of healthy grains inspires with exceptional texture made possible by SIG’s drinksplus technology. This allows us to deliver more choices of soy drinks to meet consumers’ demands as well as adding new products to our portfolio. SIG is our trusted partner and we will continue to work together for further innovations and business endeavor,” said Boonkiet Chokwattana, Chairman of the Board of Sahachol Food Supplies Co., Ltd.

SIG’s proven drinksplus technology enables aseptic carton packs to be filled with beverages containing pieces of fruits, vegetables, nuts or grains. SIG uses an advantageous sleeve system, where each carton is individually shaped, filled and ultrasonically sealed above the filling level, not through the actual product. This guarantees the aseptic safety of the product. drinksplus products with perceptible pieces can be filled on standard SIG filling machines for beverages, once equipped with an easy-to-install ‘drinksplus upgrade kit’. The products can be stored at room temperature for an extended period of time without losing any of its quality or flavor.

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“With our drinksplus technology, the processing and filling can easily be customized to current facilities and the product concept. This ensures that F&B manufacturers can deliver innovative products and stay competitive. The successful relationship between SIG and Sahachol Food Supplies helps to bring innovation to the soy drinks market in Thailand and distinguishes Sahachol Food Supplies from its competitors by enabling the company to continuously develop new products.” Angela concluded.


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