Royal DSM, a science-based company having a global presence recently set up ANH Sustainability Conclave which is aimed at supporting the necessity of including sustainability in animal protein production.

Through this conclave, a platform had been provided to leaders to join together and enhance Royal DSM’s decisive food system commitments. Post the announcement of its set of measurable commitments, the company has been putting in plenty of efforts to ensure that it is able to achieve double-digit on-farm livestock emission reductions by 2030.

The speakers at the Conclave included B.Rajagopal, President DSM India, Riad Meddeb, UNDP Representative, Ivo Lansbergen, President DSM ANH, David Nickell, VP Sustainability DSM ANH, Carlos Saviani, Manager Sustainability DSM ANH, Justin Wang, Regional Vice President DSM ANH, GAPAC, Rajeev Murthy, Head DSM ANH, South Asia, as well as other representatives.

Rajagopal stated – “We believe that science and innovation can unlock the true value of sustainability and with public-private collaborations, the industry can achieve tangible, measurable improvements in the sustainability of animal farming.”

Riad Meddeb, UNDP Representative stated – “The pandemic has increased the burden on agri-food systems. It is time to accelerate the pace towards realizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals which are a call to action towards a better and sustainable future. The agriculture industry must embrace the digital revolution and leverage data-driven farming to increase productivity, efficiency and profits. By providing a platform for the industry to collaborate, UNDP’s Global Centre in Singapore is an effort in the direction to devize sustainable solutions globally.”

Rajeev Murthy, Head, DSM ANH, South Asia, mentioned – “The production systems must gear up as consumers increasingly demand for sustainable products. With our expertize and commitment towards a sustainable future, we, at DSM, are set to play a crucial role in the sustainable transformation of the industry.”

With over 4 billion people across the globe interconnected digitally, the awareness of global issues has trickled down to every consumer in each nation. Owing to the changing landscape, it is necessary that the organizations who plan to grow have to remain at the forefront in order to address societal and environmental challenges. DSM has taken a decisive step in this direction to bring about a change and had launched its strategic initiative “We Make It Possible” last year which was aimed at accelerating a robust and achievable transformation in sustainable animal protein production. The initiative has kept its focus mainly on – improving lifetime performance of farm animals, reducing food loss and waste, reducing emissions from livestock, making efficient use of natural resources, reducing reliance on marine resources as well as assist in tackling antimicrobial resistance.

In line with its commitment to the “We Make It Possible” initiative, the company had launched Sustell recently, which is the first of its kind intelligent sustainability service and this combines an advanced, powerful sustainability calculation tool that utilizes real farm data with expert knowledge as well as tailor-made practical solutions and business development projects to unlock the value of sustainability.


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