The famous Royal China has stepped into BKC launching a new cloud kitchen. Winning hearts since 2004, this acclaimed Chinese brand is all-equipped to make its way into the homes and offices of BKC, Bandra (E) and the bordering areas. But there is a lot more. Their partner firm, Kuai Kitchen, will also be functioning from the same locale.

The brand is the ideal blend of customary and modern components of Cantonese cuisine. The main motive was to deliver genuine Chinese, considering the continuously developing and surfacing trends and flavours from around the globe. Abiding by their word, they have taken up the emerging trend of cloud kitchens and are on their passage to master it.

Being around for about 16 years, the brand displays an extensive menu. Neville and Michelle Vazifdar, the owners of the brand strongly have faith in providing their patrons a ‘bang for their buck’. From their renowned ‘Lotus Leaf’ Rice to Crispy Fried Noodles, and from the Cantonese Honey Roast Pork to Royal China Exotic Vegetables, they serve everything.

They also serve a number of variants of tenderloin, lamb and pork options. Some of the must try delicacies include- The Pecking Duck and Truffle and Edamame Dumplings. Kuai Kitchen also serves a wide array of dumplings and sushi in combination with an extravagant spread of rice, noodles and gravies.

In the present scenario of COVID-19 pandemic where food hygiene and customer safety has become the topmost priority, the team has adopted zero direct contact approach. The kitchen space is sanitized regularly all through the week. The packaging is distinct and has been personalized specially for both the firms. Keeping their packets spill-proof and double-sealed with a security tape, they have done all that is possible ensuring the delivery to be perfect. After a number of researches, they are assured that their packaging satisfies all the necessary pre-requisites. The team is taking paramount precautions making sure that the food is delivered safely and hygienically at your doorstep.


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