Roastery Coffee, one of the major artisanal specialty coffee brands in India, has unveiled a range of coffees from Salawara Estate and Tribe- O- Project from 2021 harvest, for all the “coffeeholics”.

The brand is thrilled to have partnered with Salawara Estate as its new collaborator farm this year. Literal meaning of ‘Salawara’ is “a string of blessings”. Settled in the lush foothills of India’s Western Ghats near Sakleshpur in Belur region, this estate is spread over an area of 145 hectare.

Incepted by the Britishers in the late 1880s, the coffee crop from the Salawara estate is successfully inter-cropped with pepper, Areca nut, oranges, and silver oak trees which brings in the an ideal balance of richness and heritage. The two variants of Salwara Estate Coffee made available by the Roastery Coffee include “Yeast Fermented” in Tasting Notes of Apple, Sugarcane and Green Apple and “Carbonic Marceration” in Flavours of Candied Apple, Tangerine and Hibiscus.

The other newly introduced coffee is the wild-grown coffee from the Tribe-O-Project. Tribe-O Koraput Coffee is uncommon for being semi-wild, growing in the forests of Koraput, Odisha at 1000 MSL, rather than well-organized estates or plots of land. It is planted in the forested hills of Koraput, where the tribal farmers are not the owners of the forest land but have the permission to harvest the coffee cherries from it. The forests where the coffee plants grow are dense and the plants grow far apart from each other in the natural foliage. This makes it difficult to pick the ripe coffee cherries and the process is slow and exhausting. Tribe-O Koraput Coffee farming is an agricultural activity practiced mostly by the women in the tribal villages of Koraput. The brand is glad to be a part of Tribe-O-Project’s journey to make coffee farming more commercially purposeful to the indigenous peoples of Koraput, while preserving their ancient custom of dwelling in harmony with nature. With notes of Gooseberry, Cacao and Black Tea, the coffee possesses a distinct and fascinating flavour.


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