Right To Protein, a pan-nation public health initiative notified the launch of India’s first feed label – ‘Soy Fed’ for animal protein products, marking the celebration of National Nutrition Month, September 2021.

Livestock that is fed with premium quality soy is more salubrious and a richer protein source for human consumption. India’s leading poultry producer Sneha Group will be the first to espouse the voluntary ‘Soy Fed Product’ label across all its new all-inclusive range of ready-to-cook chicken marinades, developed with soy fed poultry that contains no preservatives and antibiotics. The label will assist end-consumers distinguish packaged poultry, meat, and fish fed with soy – which is a superior quality source of protein feed for livestock.

Taking a step to empower consumers in making acquainted choices to identify protein-rich livestock and aquaculture products, the label will also help the industry to distinguish soy as a quality protein source for animal feed.

Jaison John, lead – India, US Soybean Export Council (USSEC), and Right To Protein supporter stated- “Like humans, livestock and aquaculture also acquire their protein from dietary sources such as soy, that in-turn helps to define the quality of protein humans consume. Soybean meals are regarded as an ideal feed for livestock and aquaculture because of the nutrition content it contains. The introduction of the ‘Soy Fed’ label is an important step of growing awareness around soy-based feed and its role in quality protein consumption and informing consumers that to know your food, you need to know the feed.”

With the launch, it has already garnered backing from companies who are championing the initiation of the label as an assurance of the quality of their livestock and aquaculture products available in the market.

Talking about this, D. Varun Reddy, director and CEO of Sneha Group asserted- “Food labels have traditionally impacted consumer choice of food, nutrients and farming practices. However, in India food labels have only become crucial in the recent times. We’re happy to be the first adopters of the Soy Fed label – as the first-ever feed label. As a market leader in the whole chain of poultry production, our mission has always been to set a benchmark in the industry as the producer of highest quality products. Keeping in mind the nutritional benefits of soy, we have been incorporating this feed in the food regime of our livestock. We believe that the launch of the label is the right move to help establish the fact that the product has been fed with high-quality feed, a key distinguisher for animal-protein sources.”


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