Meeting the patrons’ demand of real-time food delivery and hygienically prepared foods is the key to remain relevant as a brand in the highly competitive foodservice market in the current times. To help businesses meet these requirements, professional kitchen technology leader RATIONAL has launched the intelligent iCombi Pro in India.

Possessing an array of user-friendly functions and promising 50% increase in productivity while cutting down on the cooking time, water and energy consumption by 10% each compared to the previous model, the new iCombi Pro assures seamless performance and consistency in foods, even at full loads. Equipped with four intelligent functions – iProductionManager, iCookingSuite, iDensityControl and iCareSystem, the iCombi Pro is furnished to cook the food exactly how the chefs need, by helping them maintain optimal humidity and temperature in the foods, plan the inventory to be cooked intelligently, attain reliable results and with the ultra-fast interim clean function, it can also clean itself in just 12 minutes without the hassle of manual labour.

Speaking about the launch of iCombi Pro in India, Mr. Vikram Goel, Managing Director, RATIONAL India, said, “Many catering establishments are experiencing skills shortages and cost pressures alongside higher expectations from their customers. Chefs, therefore, require flexible, simple and efficient support from intelligent functions such as those in the iCombi Pro.”

Intelligent to sense the size, texture and quantity of food being loaded, the iCombi Pro analyses quickly the need of cooking required by the same, while also optimising the cooking time by adapting to the temperature of the food product as well as the external factors like frequent door opening causing fluctuation in the inside temperature, etc.

Its intuitive operating concept guides the user through the production sequence with visual language, logical work steps and clear, interactive instructions which makes the cooking system quickly accessible even for untrained staff. Wi-Fi is also integrated in the iCombi Pro providing a fast and simple connection to the RATIONAL network ConnectedCooking and efficient management of kitchen processes.

“Due to its intelligence, the iCombi Pro responds just like an experienced chef. It takes on routine tasks and provides freedom. This will sustainably change working methods in large kitchens,” concludes Mr. Goel.

Customers looking to explore the new cooking system and its performance live in action can visit and register for an iCombi Live session near to their location.


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