The Rajasthan Government has declared a campaign against food adulteration and has urged Food Safety Officers to act stringently on such complaints, considering the festive season coming ahead.

The campaign is titled as ‘War for Pure’. In a recently conducted meeting, Chief Minister Ashok has given guidelines to the state Food Safety Department to impose harsh action against food adulteration.

During the season of festivities, due to increased demand, experts are thinking that there is an increment in food adulteration in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as oil, ghee, milk and milk products, grains and spices, making it necessary to have a drive against food adulteration in place.

Anup Kumar, founder and CEO of Kirana King stated- “The festive season is a fun for all Indian families as it is a season of closeness and family bonding. The global epidemic has caused added alert amongst the common buyers to purchase quality products that have no adulteration as families come together to manufacture sweets and savouries. We feel that this is a needed step that has been undertaken by CM Ashok Gehlot, where it would be advantageous for all customers during this festive season. As the demand for food products especially ghee, oil, milk and milk products surges, many states in the past have witnessed adulteration during the festive season, this campaign ‘War for Pure’ is a much-need and much-awaited measure. We fully comply by and prop up this initiative by providing the premium quality products throughout our retail grocery outlets.”

Abhishek Joshi, director of Rufil declared- “This year, the festive season is going hand on hand with COVID-19, it’s one of the finest decisions made by CM Ashok Gehlot, to take a stand so as to safeguard our health. During the season of festivities, food products such as ghee, paneer and chhena are consumed abundantly, they move through a number of hands and are highly prone to infection and adulteration. We’re inexpressibly happy because these types of wrongdoings need to be eradicated. The safety and standards norms were always there but now with the drive, the government agencies will be more energetic in their strategy about adopting the same. We only make deals with registered milk farmers and still analyze the milk for impurities, adulteration and contamination on a regular or more specifically daily basis. These kinds of stringent steps need to be taken in every unit of the food and beverage industry.”

Recently, the apex food regulator has also planned to run a nationwide survey to test the quality of khoya, an ingredient widely used for manufacturing sweets.


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