Rage Coffee, A NCR based exemplary Coffee and Coffee based products manufacturer, distributor and Supplier, has raised an Undisclosed amount of Capital from reputed investors including Reflex Capital investors.

The round also saw participation from other marquee investors including 9Unicorns Venture Capital Fund, Emarson Computers, CC One Venture Labs, Spotlight Capital, Evolvx Advisory, Darshan Deora and KRS Jamwal. The company has also raised revenue-based financing from Getvantage in this round.

Using recent infusion of Capital , Rage Coffee aims to boost its online presence and Offline Footprints along with implementation and installation of State-of-the-art Protocols and equipments respectively. On the front of production Company will strive to scale up the production capacity and hire expert leaders in the sector for all round development and growth of the Coffee portfolio.

Speaking on the development, Bharat Sethi, founder, Rage Coffee, said, “Our focus on ingredients, formulations, manufacturing techniques, packaging, and direct-to-consumer distribution to bring high quality coffee products while offering a unique coffee experience to our customers places us in a great spot to build a strong brand. We are therefore planning to double down our efforts across all the channels. We are building a truly omni-channel FMCG brand, with distribution strategies being implemented for the first time given our digital DNA. Over 35 per cent of all business generated on our D2C channel is from repeat customers and over 45 per cent of all revenue comes from 2nd time buyers. Besides, global expansion is also on our cart. I am glad to have such distinguished investors join us in this exciting journey.”

Bharat adds, “We wanted to upgrade an average Indian consumer and create products that could compete with high-end specialty café like coffee experience. We see ourselves becoming a caffeine innovation company as a lot of new product development we are doing currently is happening around caffeine as an active ingredient with use in our everyday life – chewables, ground coffee, energy bars and caffeine snacking items. We want to make great quality coffee simpler and less complicated.”

Company was started in 2018 by Mr. Bharat Sethi, since then Rage Coffee created a buzz in the market given its vitamin enriched Coffee Production speciality. It zoomed its business and now has its footprints in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderbad and nearby regions.

Recently company also had itself enrolled in the Amazon’s Global Selling Accelerator program which aims to promote Indigenous brands using Amazon’s Setup.


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