With the arrival of 21st century, there marked a gradual tilt towards the food permeate due to its vividness, quality to deliver flavor enhancement, nutritional ingredients and low sodium, even with low cost. Dairy consumer demands are having a surge in the permeate compounds for exquisite flavour and has led manufacturers to shift to these attractive and multi-functional ingredients.

During a webinar held on August 14,2020 for Chinese food and beverage manufacturers, U.S dairy export council highlighted that the use of permeate in Global food and dairy products has increased several folds. An analysis of tracking data from Innova market insights’ Innova database has earmarked the surge in permeate containing food items and has reached an alarming high cliff of 531 products in 2019 i.e 11% up above the percentage in 2018 and double than the introduction in 2015.

“The global trends show why permeate is a strategies business opportunity for products formulators looking for functionality and value, “said Annie Bienvenue, vice president, global ingredients technical marketing services for USDEC. Further emphasized that ” It’s aligned with consumer and category trends, leaves room for even more potential and limitless opportunities in China as a market completely new to permeate in food applications, alongside other growth markets for permeate around the world”.

In further revalations, Innova tracking data underlined the permeate usage and how it is expanding and interdigitating in the global village, especially in Latin America, Asia and Middle East.

Further points were–
a) In 2019 the launch of products was 50/50  respect to America and Western Europe as one half and rest comprised by the remaining world.
b) Previously launch share was 58% in 2018 for North America and Western Europe and 63% in 2015.
c) As usual United States is still leading the charts for new product introduction.
d) Category-wise new permeate containing food launches were stated as
Bakery- 28.2%,
Confectionery- 15.1%,
Hot drinks – 12.4%,
e) Baked goods such as cookies, breads,muffins,crackers and toaster pastries have continuously been seeking their number one spot since five years, records 17% CAGR from FY15-FY19. Confectionery and compound chocolates with 32%, Hot drinks with 5%, hot cocoa , malts and iced coffee with 19%,snacks with 93% are making their ways in Charts of CAGR.

“US suppliers have invested in research and development efforts to optimize permeate flavor and functionality in a variety of food and beverage applications in a variety of food and beverage applications and can also provide customers with technical and new product ideation support as delivered through the recent webinar in China,” said Kristi Saitama, vice president, global ingredients.

She further added, “we are excited that the world increasingly sees permeate as an attractive ingredient solution and look forward to customers’ new creations”. Companies still buzz around the permeate in a range of formulations because of its benefits of browning and mineral content that enhances the salty flavor in the product.

The United States tops the list of permeate production with approx volume of over 500,000+ metric tonnes in 2019 which is 16% more than that in 2016. It is expected to boom up in the near future because of new inventions in the technologies, highly accessible online services and provisions for stable quality supply.


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