Qina, an industry-leading platform for personalized nutrition solutions and Blendhub has signed an agreement to create an ecosystem for the development of powder-based personalized nutrition solutions that are evidence-based, affordable and from sustainable sources and supply chains.

The purpose of this collaboration is to create opportunities and projects to transform science into innovative solutions for other companies and organizations. Identify and measure the health and environmental impact of these new solutions to support your priority research.

As a leading consultancy and platform for personalized nutrition projects, the company will provide the brand with strategic guidance, insights, and leadership in relation to personalized nutrition technologies, industry trends, scientific advances, and consumer behaviors, as well as access to a database of companies and approved functional ingredients which can be used in Food-as-a-Service offerings.

The brand will contribute to the project by offering their localized food production Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, which enables access to patented technology and a global replication model closer to raw materials and final consumers; a Food-as-a-Service platform to help food companies design, produce and launch new food products anywhere in the world; and Digitised Food Quality-as-a- Service to validate all new ingredients and formulations using Chemometric Brain’s software.


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