Hygiene Rating Scheme is the new resort for all those safety and sanitation measures introduced by FSSAI. The Quality Council of India (QCI) in partnership with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has come up with a plan for approval of Hygiene Rating Audit Agencies focussed at ramping up the number of accredited Hygiene Rating Audit Agencies in the nation.

The certified Hygiene Rating Audit Agency will validate that whether or not the FBOs are functioning in compliance with food hygiene and safety protocols specified by the FSSAI.

Arun Singhal, CEO of FSSAI apprised that- “Hygiene Rating Scheme can be contributory in spreading awareness among the consumers and instituting a culture of self-compliance among food business operators. It will ameliorate the quality of food supply along with its increased demand. I appeal all eligible food businesses to adopt the Hygiene Rating Scheme in their working units.”

Adil Zainulbhai, chairman of QCI explained that Hygiene Rating and its recognition scheme is a joint drive by FSSAI and QCI, and will aid in enhancing the faith of the Indian consumer and food service operators in the basic hygiene and food quality.

Dr R. P. Singh, secretary general, on the occasion informed that this endeavour will assist consumers to select the right outlets and will offer incentive to food outlets to build up the trust of their brand and ameliorate their visibility within this evolving sector.

For the time being, FSSAI is already carrying out an initiative of ‘Food Hygiene Rating Scheme’, which is a validation system for food businesses delivering food directly to consumers.

As per to FSSAI, the food establishments are rated on the basis of food hygiene and safety ambience noticed at the time of audit. The rating will be in the form of smileys (1 up to 5) and the certificate should be exhibited noticeably in the consumer facing area. The accredited Hygiene Rating Audit Agencies will be accountable for validating the FBOs’ compliance with the food hygiene and safety norms set by FSSAI and then receiving the Hygiene Rating.

The scheme targets to permit consumers to make conscious decisions regarding the food outlets where they eat by motivating food businesses to enhance their hygiene and safety standards.

At present, this scheme is felicitous to Food service establishments (like cafeterias, dhabas, hotels, restaurants, etc.), bakeries, meat retailers and sweet shops.


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