DSM India, a purposeful, science-based company working in fields of nutrition, health and sustainable living, launched its 2nd project named “Streedhan” campaign during the National Nutrition Month 2020, highlighting the need to build immunity through appropriate nutrition. Through a digital movie titled ‘Sehat Ki Tijori’,’ the campaign appeals women to keep their health safe with nutritious food, and to consider it as a lifetime investment.

The project, a CSR initiative of the company, intents to increase awareness among urban Indian women to prioritise their health. The first phase of the campaign, launched in 2019 on the occasion of Dhanteras created awareness about iron-deficient anaemia, and motivated women to “invest in iron and not only gold” by eating iron-rich foods.

2nd phase of the project i.e. “Sehat Ki Tijori” creates consciousness about the connection between nutrition and immunity.  It encourages women to ensure that they are having immunity-building foods, investing in their health which is the actual wealth.  This helps to make sure that they are risk-free against infection and disease.

As per the India’s Diet Paradox, a virtual consumer survey report by DSM’s Nu-Shakti brand, almost all the participants (98%) of the survey admitted that a nutritious diet is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, however, 60% of the interviewee accepted that they ‘rarely’ or ‘never’ made a deliberate attempt to ensure a nutritious diet.

The campaign desired to convey that our health is our actual wealth at all times, and that we must nurture our immunity by feeding, building, and protecting it. “Sehat Ki Tijori” has been designed to highlight this message, as well as to exhort the use of wearing a mask and benefits of social distancing.

B Rajagopal, President, DSM India, declared- “Three out of four women in India are suffering from vitamin deficiency.  And being vitamin-deficient is known to lower immunity, and hence lower resistance to infections.  Project Streedhan tries to emphasize this very important facet, especially since many women by nature are of the tendency to focus much more on the health of their families, often at the cost of their own health.  We desire to motivate women to invest in themselves, and take charge of their health through appropriate nutrition.  Health and immunity is our actual wealth, and it is up to us that how do we feed it, grow it and protect it.”




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