A cautionary notice by a union declared that manufacturing processes of Wagon Wheels and Jammie Dodger biscuits could be paused at an Edinburgh factory this month in view of staff strike over salary.

The GMB Union blamed Burton’s Biscuits, maker of Maryland cookies, of giving a ludicrous payment to workers and hence insulting their hard work.

It announced that the staffs would stage three 24-hour protests, starting from 9th of Sept.

An official from Burton’s Biscuits stated that they were surprised at GMB’s request for a 7% pay hike but are interested to resume talks and solve the issue.
Currently, more than 400 workers are working at its Edinburgh factory, which produces around 7.5 million biscuits per day.

GMB members at the plant, elected by a 91% majority to look after industrial action after management, repudiated of the company’s annual pay increment offer of 1.6%.

The union announced that indefinite work to rule and an overtime ban will start from the afternoon of 8th Sept. followed by walk-outs on 9, 16 and 23 September.

Benny Rankin, Organizer of GMB, Scotland stated- “Burton’s stubborn attitude on this annual pay offer is an insult to staff that have worked throughout the lockdown at management’s request.

He also added- “Their denial to meaningfully engage with a workforce that deserve so much better means we have been left with little choice but to protest for a satisfactory pay offer.”
Burton’s Biscuits, owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan investment company, proclaimed that the union was being uncooperative.

Representatives from the company said- “Against the backdrop of growing economic unpredictable, the country entering a depression and rising proportions of joblessness, we have made what we consider to be a series of very unbiased and logical offers, enabling us to grant job security apace with increased earnings.

They further added- “Alongside the challenging situation, this action may only serve to endanger our employees’ ongoing job security.”

The firm also said that it wanted to search a “mutually acceptable solution” and desires to continue talks with the union.
“We also anticipate that we can come back to full production as the earliest and move forward in a spirit of unity and co-operation in a safe, pleasant and fruitful working ambience.”

Burtons, which also produces Cadbury biscuits under a permanent licence, has three units in the UK employing 2,200 staffs.


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