ProAmpac has recently displayed its latest sustainability offerings for frozen food applications, which include ProActive Recyclable Paper RP-1000 and ProActive Recyclable R-2000 film series.

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“We are happy to be back at AFFI-CON with ProAmpac’s latest ProActive Sustainability offerings for frozen food,” stated Kristy Paulin, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing for ProAmpac. “With ProActive Recyclable Paper RP-1000 and our enhanced recyclable frozen and steamer film technologies, R-2000F and R-2000S, ProAmpac continues to empower brands to achieve their sustainability goals while delivering performance and functionality.”

Key products on display include:

– ProActive Recyclable Paper RP-1000 is the premier offering in ProAmpac’s curbside recyclable paper-based packaging solutions. Engineered for frozen food applications such as ready-to-eat meals, vegetables and dry foods, RP-1000 is pre-qualified for curbside recycling, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious consumers. Available in rollstock, stand-up and three-side seal pouch formats, RP-1000 boasts high-definition flexographic printed graphics, offering brand visibility and customization options.

– ProActive Recyclable R-2000F is a recyclable film engineered with excellent heat resistance designed to run-at-rate on high-speed form film seal machines. Catering to a wide range of frozen food items including fruit, vegetables, snacks and seafood, R-2000F ensures optimal performance in various packaging formats.

– ProActive Recyclable R-2000S is a polyethylene-based film designed to meet the demands of microwave heating environments while maintaining recyclability. With superior seal integrity and thermal stability, R-2000S is an ideal choice for non-fat vegetables. This patent-pending film is compatible with high-speed form/fill/seal equipment and is pre-qualified for store drop-off recycling, providing both convenience and sustainability.

ProAmpac is a leading global flexible packaging company with a comprehensive product offering. We provide creative packaging solutions, industry-leading customer service and award-winning innovation to a diverse global marketplace. ProAmpac’s approach to sustainability – ProActive Sustainability — provides innovative sustainable flexible packaging products to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We are guided in our work by five core values that are the basis for our success: Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, Involvement, and Impact. Cincinnati-based ProAmpac is owned by Pritzker Private Capital along with management and co-investors.


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