Prahna Superfoods, a homegrown brand comes up with an exclusive range of all-natural, high quality, handpicked and nutrient-rich turmeric which is gathered organically and sustainably straight from the valleys of Meghalaya.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impelled us to take think carefully and diligently for the well-being our lives and consider health as a priority. The brand has made extreme efforts working incessantly to formulate these products.

The high curcumin punch with health being top of everyone’s minds now-a-days. The line of turmeric products offers you the advantageousness of curcumin – the active ingredient that enriches turmeric with its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, alongwith several other benefits. For decades, Indian tradition has advocated the benefits of turmeric due to its curcumin content and with these turmeric products your loved ones can now get about 8% curcumin content which is 3 to 4 times of the curcumin content as compared to what is present in the everyday turmeric used in households.

Every single batch of turmeric is assessed for curcumin. Any batch that does not fulfill our testing standards is simply declared not good enough to be delivered to customers.

Flavours that cater to every palette, the brand bring this traditional superfood in 3 formats – Pure Turmeric and 2 milk mixes.

Prana Superfoods in the biggest online Indian traditional superfoods store delivering a wide array of organic superfoods.

The brand since, its inception, is toiling to ensure that their Lakadong turmeric contains exceptionally high curcumin content and that too in its most natural form. Their offerings bring the best of traditional wisdom, modern research and organic foods to the table. They have dedicated themselves to supply one simple thing for their customers: PURE GOODNESS EVERYDAY!

Prahna always attempts to deliver its patrons premium quality, nutrient-rich superfoods collected directly and sustainably from their partner farmers.


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