Possible, the celebrity health brand has roped in Sania Mirza, Tennis star of India as a brand ambassador of much healthier Snack box collection and Signature breakfast. Brand also aims to infuse nutritional literacy among its patrons under the Campaign Nutri-literate. Possible offers customized health plan, health support ingredients and personal coaches. Teaching people psychology of food and nutrition is now company’s main motto.

Sania Mirza, who believes in a more balanced approach to ‘Healthy Living’ has unveiled – The breakfast kit and the snacks kit that is now available on Possible.

Sania Mirza

The brand has recently raised 5 crore from Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as part of its larger funding round and is expanding its product base as well as geographical reach.

Sania Mirza said, “As an athlete eating healthy is very important to me. But like everyone else, the taste and versatility of any snack are equally important for me too. That is why I have associated with Possible. We have created two signature collections for snacks and breakfast. I am sure you will love them as much as I love them.”

Megha More, co-founder and COO,Possible,said, “We are thrilled to launch the signature collection on Possible. This partnership is a conscious step towards our mission to help individuals live a disease-free life using food as medicine. We are extremely excited to have Sania Mirza come on board to launch the healthy snack kit collection and be a part of the Possible family. We are excited about the launch, and we have already received a great response on the product.”


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